Thursday, February 03, 2000


I was blessed to be born into a Christian family, and since I was a baby, I've been going to church. When I was four years old, my brother was born very premature. Because of this, he was very sick for the first few weeks of his life. Our church back home set to praying for him, and I was constantly surrounded by prayer. This exposure led me to ask my dad what it was all about. He then proceeded to explain the gospel to me. And there, at the age of four, I asked Jesus into my heart. Salvation in that context is somewhat of a formality, I think. And having been saved from that age often makes it possible for me to see my walk as just another part of my life. That's something that I have to work out, and trust that the Lord will use my background. As far as my ministry, I believe that that is a huge part of it. I'm not an evangelist. I feel as though my gifts are leadership and administration. The times when I have felt like the Lord was using me the most have always been times when I am mentoring or listening to a fellow believer. I feel like that is something that the Lord wants to use in me through the NextGen service. As far as my future goes, I can't shake the feeling that the Lord is calling me into the international missions field. I'm really praying through that, though, trying to separate God's calling from my desire for adventure. The Lord has made clear His hold on my life, and I'm learning how to abide in Him. That's the journey, and I want to be used along the way.