Monday, May 12, 2008

A Week of Irresponsibility

As I'm recovering from a crazy Mother's Day party last night, here are the two newest additions to the Mondo Davis "Family," thanks in part to that head-scratching $600 that the Govment had lying around and decided to deposit into my checking account:

A. Sylvia. A MotoFino Retro 49CC scooter named after Anita Ekberg's character in La Dolce Vita. She gets 75-80 Mpg and is street legal without anykind of liscence, registration, or insurance. This is how it looked yesterday;

err, I mean, this is how it looked yesterday:

B. An iPod Touch. Lauren assures me that this purchase was "dumb," and she's probably right. Oh, well. I'll only be young and irresponsible once, right?

And here's my beautiful girlfriend Lauren in aviators. She told me earlier that she's convinced that the reason that she's dating me is because I have a scooter (see above).

this is going to be a great summer

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I've been trying to plan out this Mother's Day post for the last week or so. I wanted to write something lovely and profound, to express my great appreciation and love for my mother. She has been an incredible blessing to me during my 22 years as her son, perservering through the earlier years, when I apparently was a devil child. She pursued me through my teenage years of resentment and rebellion. And now that I am an adult, living on my own 750 miles from home, my mother is still my foundation; one of grace and care and love.
But, inspite of all my brainstorming, this was all I could come up with to express how I feel;
Mom, I love you tremendously. Thank you for being so wonderful and loving me when I didn't deserve it. God has used your love to reveal Himself and His unconditional love to me. Happy Mother's Day.

Oh, and everyone check this out: Mom's Testimony.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

McCain (and Dwight) on the Daily Show with John Stewart

Real quick before I peace out for the day:

John McCain was a guest on the Daily Show with John Stewart earlier in the week (video). After toying around with the usual politician's smile-while-averting-serious-questions bit, Senator McCain picked up a notecard, where he presumably had a written reminder, and announced that his running mate in November would be Dwight Schrute. To which the crowd laughed, blah blah, good one Senator, etc.

Two things here; 1) It's interesting to me that political candidates are utilizing a medium like John Stewart to reach their target voting demographic. The fact that McCain's target dempographic is the 18-24 year old hippies that watch The Daily Show (myself included) is interesting in itself.
And, 2) One of his speech writers/image coaches/political strategists/American Idol fans actually wrote down Dwight Schrute's name on a notecard so that John McCain could make a pun and relate to said demographic. It's the old "Vote for me because I'm cool and hip and speak the lingo and watch Mtv" campaign trick. I'd be suprised if the Senator even knew who Dwight Schrute was before that notecard. I'm not going to vote for you because you name drop one of the best-conceived characters in television history. Screw it, here's some Dwight Schrute, for Dwight Schrute's sake.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Freeze

Today, something amazing happen. Presumably inspired by Improve Everywhere's Grand Central Station Freeze, and in the name of Invisible Children, a group of 200 or so students from Evans, GA walked into a Wal-Mart and froze on que at the same time for five minutes. I had the distinct honor of going to the register and asking a clerk to page Jason Poole, which was the cue for the 200+ kids to freeze in whatever position they were in. I was skeptical about it all going through, but it did, and it was awesome. There were hundreds of people not moving for five minutes, while the Georgian soccer moms and their kids tried to weave in and out of the isles. The Walmart people freaked out and called the 5-0, but we were gone before they could do anything. Here's the 15 seconds of footage I got before I got kicked out for having a camera. That's right, I got kicked out of Walmart. bad. ass:

It really was an incredible thing to see, the video doesn't do it justice. High School kids are pretty cool. There'll be more pictures after the jump, when I figure out how to get pictures off of my phone.