Saturday, October 29, 2005

Yes. . .

So it's been two months since I last posted, and I doubt very seriously that anyone out there is still reading my blog. That doesn't stop me though. The past two months have been busy, I suppose. That is to say that there is a lot to report about from them. The first and most pressing is the ankle surgery that i underwent a month and a half ago. It was all successful and I am finally able to walk and drive and get around. It's hard not being able to run and be active. I've gained at least ten pounds since it happened. But life is such: injury and weight gain.
I'm sitting in my facorite coffee shop beside a mosaic wall of liberal propoganda and advertisements for books that I will never read. The egg nog on the menu is a sign that the winter is already here. I'm freezing. That is a decent indication, as well. Or at least it would be if this was any normal place. It's freezing in July here. To think that California is so cold is just disappointing. We in the midwest spend our whole lives seeing California being portrayed as heaven, as the place where everyone's happy and beautiful. What a joke. I don't have anything planned for today. I was thinking of going up north to Santa Cruz to spend some money. I probably won't, though. I need to save up for Christmas, anyway. I've run out of pictures to take. So, that's probably out as well. Hopefully something will present itself. Hopefully. Though nothing ever does.