Thursday, January 29, 2009


Busch Stadium's "Ballpark Village"
St. Louis, MO

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Moving on (apparently there were only four resolutions,) I just tried to watch a trailer for "The Wrestler" on a website that shall remain nameless, and had to sit through a fifteen second advertisement for some other movie. To put that in layman's terms, they showed me an ad before the ad I was trying to watch. That's going to far...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Years Resolution(s)

New Year's Resolution #6: Figure me out.

I'be been learning for quite some time, the complexity of my sin nature. Partially from dating Lauren, and partially from having to come to grips with my insuffencies, I'm beginning to realize, more and more, how utterly selfish I truly am. I won't go into great detail with this one (read Resolution #8 for more,) but I hope to come to understand more about why I am who I am and why I do what I do over the course of this next year.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Years Resolution(s)

New Years Resolution #7: Watch more late night Television.

This last week, I came across what might very well become my new favorite television show. It's called "The Deal," and it comes on late at night on BET. Basically, its a show devoted to airing underexposed rap videos. In addition to that, an episode of "Nanny 911," and a rousing game of Polo on ESPN2, make me think that I've found my new favorite late night past time.

Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year's Resolution(s)

New Years Resolution #8; Don't buy stuff I can't afford.

The real shocker in all of our economic troubles of the last few months, is that no one is willing to admit where the blame truly lies. I was talking to Laurena about this in the ball pit last night, and we decided that our economy sucks because we are selfish. When the legislation was passed to make credit available to more people, we decided that we could go out and buy whatever we wanted. The problem is that we were using money that we didn't have, and it eventually bit us in the ass when it came time to pay for it. I know that that is an over-simplified summary of the current Recession, but I believe that it can be summed up like that. Everyone is quick to blame the lending companies, the government, China, etc., but I haven't once heard some one say that the problem lies in the consumer. Our selfishness is obvious to everyone but ourselves, as we go out and spend more money than we can to buy things that we don't need. And, why? Why do we overspend our budgets in the name of "credit?"

I've begun to notice that everyday, we are bombarded with a society that tells us that we are the most important thing in the world, and that we deserve everything we want. I believe (if only because I see it in myself) that we have an instinctive pride within us that says, "I matter more than anything else," and advertisers have figured this out. Commercials, billboards, internet banners all have that common theme: "you deserve this." And we (I) read/hear that and say, "yes, I do deserve that." But, what do we really deserve? Social networking sites (Facebook, myspace, etc.) and blogs reinforce this idea, as they give us an opportunity to sell ourselves. The idea that there is a web page that is totally devoted to me, that anyone in the world can look at, is crazy. Working with High School kids, I can see how these resources consume their lives, to the point where they will decide what kind of activities they will do and what kind of friends they will make depending on how it will look on their facebook page. As we're instilled with this self-infatuation, we cease to care if something is practical or affordable. We care only that we want it, which justifies it in our minds.

So, my New Years resolution is to get over myself, and to figure out how to see myself in light of what I truly am; a dirty, greedy, selfish child that is warranted nothing in of myself.

This is from SNL, from May of 2006. If only we had listened:

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Years Resolution(s)

New Years Resolution #9: Do this more:

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Resolution(s)

New Year's Resolution #10: Be Matt Harding

Happy New Year, everyone, from me and my lion