Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Colorado Adventures. It's all so Hurried in this Place that Knows no Hurry.

Colorado. I've got a short window of internet access. So, here's a quick update on the last week plus. The trip out here was full of interstates and friends and family. It was a hard goodbye to Atlanta as suspected. Memphis welcomed me with open arms as it always does. The Shaw household was lovely, and it was great spending a bit of time with them. Then it was home for a few days, spent with my arms around my family. It was a beautiful time. Then, I said goodbye to baby Omar and headed west. A night in Kansas City with Emanuel and company, then it was off to a 11 hour drive against the most boring stretch of highway that America has to offer. I spent a night with the Sgarlatas in beautiful Buena Vista, CO. Then, woke up and drove the last stretch to Sky Ranch Ute Trail. The place is beautifully nestled into a mountain valley, the San Juans towering three hundred and sixty degrees around. There, we dove head first into a long process of getting to know the rest of the 40 or so other staff. It's been a week of hard work and relationship building, and it looks to be a busy yet productive summer. I'm excited about what is going to happen, and will update more as soon as I find the internet again. As for now, I'm being kicked out of the coffee shop I'm bumming internet from. So, take care of yourselves and I'll update again soon. God Bless.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Favorite Places

I'm here at Kayak's in University City. I realized that I've been compiling a list in my head of my favorite Coffee shops for as long as I've been a rambler. So, here it is, outside of my head:

Bay Books, Monterey, CA
- Where I first fell in love with coffee, I would spend almost every afternoon there; studying, reading, rejecting passive aggressive advances by the gay Argentinian barista. Great outdoor seating and always an interesting conversation to overhear.

PJ's/Aroma, Augusta, GA
- Quaint study nook for students of nearby Augusta State, I lived within walking distance.

Kayak's, St. Louis, MO
- Best constructed atmosphere of any place I've ever been. They make this place feel like a ski resort lounge. The coffee is decent, but the space is so remarkably peaceful.

Meshuggah, St. Louis, MO
- My favorite cup of coffee. It's fun finding hipster places in St. Louis, because I'm not aware of too many. But, they back up their pretentiousness with great tasting coffee.

Dr. Bombay's, Atlanta, GA
- My most frequented of any coffee shop, this place takes great care to make you feel like you're sitting in your grandmother's ancient living room. They sell books there for charity, also, so the atmosphere is organic and relaxing, with walls lined with bookshelves.

Park Grounds, Atlanta, GA
- Bright and open, there is a dog park out back. There's a lot of joy emanating from this spot.

Goodman Coffee, Chattanooga, TN
- Friendliest staff I've ever experienced, though I've only been here while passing through. Great staff, though.

Provence Bread & Cafe, Nashville
- Best baked goods of anywhere I've been in the U.S. They do great over there on 21st.

Bongo Billy's, Buena Vista, CO
- This place couldn't fail with its backdrop; towering Rocky Mountains. It's a beautiful place and they do a wonderful job harnessing it and making a great atmosphere to sit and sip coffee.

If you're ever in any of these towns, check these places out. They're great.

Monday, May 02, 2011

The House Show

I had a house show last night.

It was awesome. There was probably somewhere around 40 people there to see myself and Mindy Fletcher sing some songs. I never would have expected such a turn out, first of all. I just don't know what to say about it. I had so much fun, there was good beer and conversation and people loving on each other and I made new friends and sweated my ass off after jumping around on stage for 45 minutes. I mean, I absolutely loved it. I'm trying not to over access my motives and all of that insecure garbage that I want to exploit to belittle myself. I wanted to go into the night with no motive besides creating a place where people could be together and share in life with one another. Also, I invited a few of my new musician friends so that they could hear some of my stuff, so we can call that a motive I suppose. I want to develop, also. I realize as I always have that there is a lot of improving that needs to happen with my music. But, I want to try and do it. I want to put my music in front of people and ask them what they think: people that will give me some honest response. I don't want to hold onto it, I don't want to keep it for myself. I want to get good at sharing and giving it to people. Last night was a good first step in that direction, and as I listen back to the recording of it, there is clearly a lot to improve on. But life is about moving forward, about handing things to people and sitting with them and walking towards something. It was a huge thing that happened last night, and I was so grateful for everyone that participated. It was a beautiful night.