Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lyrics I'm Into

From "American Dream" by Switchfoot:

Like a puppet on a monetary string
Maybe we've been caught singing
Red, white, blue, and green
But that ain't my America,
That ain't my American dream

I want out of this machine
It doesn't feel like freedom

This ain't my American dream
I want to live and die for bigger things
I'm tired of fighting for just me
This ain't my American dream

From "Lua" by Bright Eyes

I know that it is freezing but I think we have to walk
I keep waving at the taxis; they keep turning their lights off
But Julie knows a party at some actor’s west side loft
Supplies are endless in the evening; by the morning they’ll be gone.

When everything gets lonely I can be my own best friend
I’ll grab a coffee and the paper; have my own conversations
With the sidewalk and the pigeons and my window reflection
The mask I polish in the evening, by the morning looks like shit.

You’re looking skinny like a model with your eyes all painted black
You just keep going to the bathroom always say you’ll be right back
Well it takes one to know one, kid, I think you’ve got it bad
But what’s so easy in the evening, by the morning is such a drag.

From "Instead of the Show" by Jon Foreman:

Instead let there be a flood
of justice
An endless procession of righteous
living, living
Instead let there be a flood
of justice
Instead of a show

your eyes are closed when you’re praying
you sing right along with the band
you shine up your shoes for services
but there’s blood on your hands

you turned your back on the homeless
and the ones that don’t fit in your plans
quit playing religion games
there’s blood on your hands

give love to the ones who can’t love at all
give hope to the ones who got no hope at all
stand up for the ones who can’t stand up at all
instead of a show
I hate all your show

From "Skinny Love" by Bon Iver:
Come on skinny love just last the year
Pour a little salt we were never here
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer

I told you to be patient
I told you to be fine
I told you to be balanced
I told you to be kind
In the morning I'll be with you
But it will be a different "kind"
I'll be holding all the tickets
And you'll be owning all the fines

Come on skinny love what happened here
Suckle on the hope in lite brassiere
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Sullen load is full; so slow on the split

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Black Cab Sessions


Black Cab Sessions

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


In a tiring effort to decide for whom to cast my Presidential vote in three weeks, I've started to become weary of the whole McCain/Obama humpfest. The decision is between an "Advocate of Change" that has no real credentials, and who I suspect will crap his pants when he is elected and realizes that you actually have to be CAPABLE of running a country to be president; and a semi-crazy war vet, who, from what I can tell, is one of least marketable people in the country. I've started to believe that the two are the same person, but one is good for poor people, one is good for everyone else. Both are bad for the country in their own way, and I hate the idea of casting my vote in spite of somebody. So, I've begun to explore other options. My first choice was Sir Ron Paul, who had momentum, but couldn't ever get his party behind him. When Dr. Paul endorsed some guy named Chuck Baldwin from the Constitution party, I figured he was worth checking out. Chuck is about as conservative as any conservative can be; guns, closed borders, military autonomy, life, etc. But its refreshing to see a candidate campaign for what he believes in, not as a spokesperson for a bunch of out of touch rich people(Dems/GOP.) As Chuck says on his own behalf, when talking about the potential waste of a third party vote:

In the first place, a wasted vote is a vote for someone you know does not represent your own beliefs and principles. A wasted vote is a vote for someone you know will not lead the country in the way it should go. A wasted vote is a vote for the "lesser of two evils." Or, in the case of John McCain and Barack Obama, what we have is a choice between the "evil of two lessers."

I've started to question my ultra-conservative values of elections past, in some arenas. Though, honestly, I believe that campaign issues, such as abortion and gay marriage, don't really matter at the end of the day. What matters is how capable a candidate is of allowing the Nation to continue to be great, and ensuring that every single person has the opportunity to step up and be successful. I think Derek Webb said it best when he said that "we've never had a savior on Capitol Hill." In short, I'm still pretty torn.

Though, in my Constitution Party research, I've uncovered a bit of an Underground third party following. had some amusing articles, and Baldwin's own website had a couple of videos embeded. The Revoultion is coming. Here's my favorite:

Monday, October 06, 2008

Choke City

I'm starting an official petition to rename the city of Chicago "Choke City." Sign below.

Seriously, though. I was talking to my roommate about the MLB '08 playoffs, and how a certain Cubs team has made a habit of getting graciously swept out of the first round of the playoffs. He said something to the effect of "They're just like the Red Sox," referring to the so-called curse that was ended in 2004 after Boston's lifelong World Series Drought. The two are hardly related, however, for one major reason; The Red Sox are good. Boston has historically been a good team. They've won several division and AL championships in that WS drought. They've had 100 win seasons. They have made it to the World Series several times. The Cubs, however, haven't been to the World series since 1945. And since then, they've only won 5 division titles. 5. They've been perpetual losers for most of the 20th century. Bottom line; the Cubs suck. They can't hide behind bad luck or a curse, like the Red Sox did. They haven't won the World Series in over a century because they haven't been any good for most of the last century. And, now that they're starting to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on their players, and are beginning to look like a team that has a shot at a title, their 100+ year history of suckage, and lack of playoff experience is resulting in one first round Playoff Sweep after another. It's good to be a Cards fan. It is good.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mrs. Palin

Cubs Still Sucking

This, from;

Cubs Renounce Satan, Still Lose Game One

Ah, how sweet it is to be a Cards fan. Let's hope they can keep this up.