Friday, April 22, 2016

Adiago un Poco Mosso

it's slow and moving
this space within me
where mountains float in skies unchartered
and rebels lay down their weary heads to rest

take a step back,
weary traveler
oh recipient of love
and be awoken slowly
to the sound of singing
angels in the heavens holding hearts in hands
and blessing over blessing
the paths on which we walk

there is a step in front to take
merely one at a time
and all that is ever asked of us
is that step
do not be let down
great and weary traveler
the snow begins to fall
after years of children's prayers
and it falls lightly on cathedral towers
and further, beneath our feet
poured out like grace

and the wind is not an enemy
it is the passing of time
it is the christmas carol sung
it is the silent resolution
of a years worth of doubt
and here we are, its children
unencumbered by our failure

oh, grace, grace, grace
fall and make us worthy
fall and give us life
each tiny speck of silence
each wilted blade of grass

I shall slow dance in this snow
to the beat of a thousand hills
to the rhythm of the birds singing
to the melody of salvation
free and flowing
bright and blossoming
I shall rest in my transcendence
I shall run to my solution

there, in your never-ending sky.