Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Videos no one laughs at (except for me)

Check out this video from YL club Monday night. I thought it was good, no one laughed, though. Big shout out to Josh and Dalton for helping me out.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why I Love Young Life

Kids. Students, rather. I'm still coming down from what was most likely my favorite club since I began working with Young Life two and a half years ago. We had around 50kids crammed into a space suitable for thrity. The close proximity was extremely catalytic, as any student in attendance couldn't help but get caught up in the energy and excitement of club, or they would be trampled. It was so unbelieveably fun. I always get a little stressed out on Mondays, because I have certain responsibilities that are specific to that day. The presence of stress in my otherwise stress-free life is something new and difficult to adapt to. But, after arriving to the house, setting up for club, making sure everything is ready, picking out intro/outro songs, anticipating messes and adjusting accordingly, etc., the kids come in. They run into the room, pack in as tight as they can, and readily anticipate the songs that kick off club. Their enthusiasm and love of what we do is incredible. It speaks wonders about the love that our Savior has for them and for me; that he created us to jump up and down and sing Miley Cyrus at the top of our lungs. We were created to hold glow sticks and have 30-second dance parties. We were created to put our arms around eachother and scream "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias at the top of our lungs. We serve a mighty God. And it all feels so natural. When the students let go of their inhibitions, stop worrying about what the people around them will think, and scream out "Don't Stop Believing" as loudly as they know how to, it feels right. It feels like there's some future of dancing, singing, smiling, laughing that is awaiting us. And at 8:02pm ("don't be early, don't be late") on Monday nights, we get to experience a little bit of heaven. Kids come; dirty, broken, in desperate need of love. And they get it at Young Life. They get to be in a place full of love and life and relationship, one that is supremely unique. And when I come back to my Savior, I too am dirty, broken, in desperate need of love. And he delivers. He wants to be with me, having finger sword fights, watching Josh Fleming get pied in the face, singing Summertime Girls as best we can. He desires to see me and to hear me and to be with me. I pray that I could respond to that. And, I pray that I can be an honest representation of that love to the students that come to Young Life. And that's why I love it; I have an opportunity to be Jesus to a small, mini-world of High School kids that desperately need Jesus.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Space Managment (One-up the one-up)

Here's a quick observation/question/possible difference between men and women: I just got finished helping Lauren unpack (almost 2 months after moving to ATL,) and was kind of blown away by one thing. She had been doing a good job of convincing me of her lack of storage space in her new bedroom for quite some time. It's true, seeing as how she shares the room with one other girl, that there wasn't a whole lot of space. But, from the moment I started my 2-hour-long-well-intended quest, I was amazed at how poorly utilized the space that she had was. I've heard that women aren't quite as adept as fitting the most amount of stuff into the smallest amount of space as us men are. After tonight, I believe it. Two concentrated hours of labor later, there is not a single possession anywhere except where it's supposed to be. I emptied 6 cardboard boxes of stuff, and found adequate space for it all. I'm really just trying to toot my own horn, seeing as how I'm so damn proud of myself. But anyway, yeah, this is one area of deductive reasoning that she def. does NOT have me beat in. Boom, Boom, POW!

(p.s. It's probably the only area of deductive reasoning that she def. does not have me beat in. I'll take it.)