Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Jonathan Schiffman

Stand and be counted
Begotten of nations
The heart still barely pumping
The life slow fading out
Tall and well-deserving
The sunlight through the trees
It waves and falters
at the mention of the thing

now, fade into oblivion
content with what comes next
for all that stands behinds you
fondly besets
with a wave and a smile,
yours to hold
and take with you in your breast pocket

stand tall
and be remembered
great patriarch
fighter of wars
lover of all

you are ours
we are yours
we, the living
stand and sing your dirge

do not fear
the great, calculating wilderness
before you
it will swim in translucent brilliance
as you rise to meet it
it will walk along riverbeds
and swim in still waters

it will shine, and light your face
all brilliant and bewildering
as you rest, content
knowing you have played your part

and we shall not forget you
oh beholder of foundations
of the earth that spins silent
you have seen the moonlight rising
you have felt the winter breeze
and have cradled life itself
in your bright, warm eyes

you are forgiven
you are justified
you have fulfilled what stood before you
and now, rest
rest well and forever
as you rise to meet the noontide

stand tall and be remembered
great lover, provider
we, the begotten
stand grateful
for the breath, now failing, in your lungs
for the beat, now slowing, of your heart
for the pleasant honor of knowing
of your presence
of your time

I will speak your name, as long as I have breath
I will tell my children the wonders you befell
I will see to your remembrance as a nursing fawn
I will watch it grow and gather,
into a constant, pulsing being
you will be remembered
full of life, full of kindness
and generations will know
the beauty of your name

so go now, in silence

knowing all is well