Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Don't Buy a Car in Georgia

So, Saturday I went out to look at this car that I saw in a classified ad. It was a white 1995 Volkswagon Jetta. I called Vick, the guy that was selling it and we met at his house around two in the afternoon. After looking over it and driving it around for a while, I was impressed. It had been very well taken care of, and apart from some minor annoyances, it was more than a decent car. He was asking for $2800. Focusing on what was wrong with the car, I talked him down to $2500. It was quite a deal. After some paper signing, I drove away in my new 1995 Jetta. I was stoked. The transmission was clean, and it was so smooth to drive, especially compared to my old Escort. Anyway, I pulled up to the gate to get on base and pulled off so i could explain the situation. The guard asked for my proof of insurance, to which I responded that I did not yet have it insured, because I just bought the car. He then called a police officer over, officer Mensin. That's when it started; my long, grueling struggle to drive this car that I had just bought. Officer Mensin informed me that it was illegal to drive without insurance. I explained to him that I was covered under my parents policy and that there was a 30 day grace period after purchasing a car to get said car insured. He wouldn't buy it. So, then I had to start calling my parents, state farm, my insurance agent, and the Navy to try to convince this officer that I had insurance, while he was threatening to tow my car and fine me $500. Problem was that it was Saturday. Nothing is open on a Saturday. Finally, after an hour, I had convinced officer Mensin that I was in fact insured. Not satisfied, officer Mensin made me call my command and have some one high ranking (a Lieutenant) come and assure him that I was not going to drive until I had verifiable proof that my new Jetta was insured. The only way the Lt. could assure him of this was by taking my keys from me. Keys that I didn't have returned to me until this morning. Anyway, this morning is another adventure.
Excited to be able to drive my new car, and after getting the keys from my babysitting Lt., I hopped in and started a 25 minute journey to the Georgia DMV. When I got there, I climbed out and walked up to the counter. I informed the employee that I was looking to register my beautiful new car. Oh, by the way, in Georgia when you sell your car, you're supposed to take the liscense plate off of it. So my Jetta had no liscense plate on it at all when I went to the DMV. Anyway, I told that to the lady at the counter, who then asked me for my liscense and insurance information, which I gave to her. She ran my State Farm insurance policy number, and frowned. "You need georgia insurance to register your car in georgia," she said nonchalantly. "Excuse me?" I asked, assuming she was kidding. She wasn't. She proceeded to inform me about the Georgia regulation that stipulates that in order for a car to be registered in the state of Georgia, that the insurance on that car has to be from a Georgia-based insurance company. Well, my insurance is from Missouri, which she clarified for me, meant that I could not register my car in Georgia. So, I got online to check the policy for registering my car, which still doesn't have a liscence plate, in Missouri if living out of state. It's a standard procedure, but involves a lot of paperwork, and a lot of mailing. So, I then called the legal office on base to see what the deadline was for registering a new car after purchase. I understood that there was a certain grace period of 30 days or so to do so. I was wrong. There is no grace period. So, now I can either wait for a month to get all of the paperwork mailed to Missouri, or I can apply for a new car insurance plan. All I want to do is to drive my new freaking car that I spent a month's paycheck on. That's all. But Georgia says no.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's 'cause I'm white, isn't it?

It rained today, like I haven't seen in years. It's strange to be caught so off-guard by something that I've grown up with, like rain. It's just been so long since I've seen it. It came down hard. It was a perfect compliment to the 95 degree heat. My room mate has been playing some RPG on his xbox since he got off work six hours ago. It's a game filled with several specific catch phrases that are repeated over and over again. Needless to say, it's getting old. I went to practice for the Navy flag football team here on base today. I was one of three white guys on the team of 12. I got no respect for that fact, and because I was the new guy. They didn't cover me very closely, and the Quarterback only looked at me a couple of times. I caught three touchdowns.
Things are slowly taking shape out here. I'll be checking out a church on sunday with one of my friends from Monterey that I knew from church and the bible study. Hopefully it's the one I'm called to. I'm still looking for a car, and I desperately need to find one. Labor day or Memorial day or whichever is coming up, which hopefully means a trip up to Lookout Mountain to spend with my boyz. We'll see. Anyway, life is going on. Word.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

One From Augusta

Augusta, GA. I found a new coffee shop on base. It's about a mile walk away from my room. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that Georgia is in the south. And in August, the south is hot. I actually enjoy the heat, though. It's a nice change of pace. But this new place charges for using the internet. So needless to say, I need to find a new place to bum the internet. This base is awesome. It's enormous, full of open fields and sidewalks. I need to buy a car as soon as possible. I'm not really clear on my work schedule, but I think that the check-in process will take three days. I'm already planning my first trip up to Lookout Mountain to visit the guys, but that will have to wait until I can buy a car. I think I'm going to buy a bike to get around base on. Money just leaves.
Anyway, Augusta is alright from what I've seen of it. There are malls and department stores and Best Buys and even a Panera Bread. It's good to live in a major Metropolitan area again. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep this thing going, too. God Bless.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Last night was my last church service at Calvary. It went down like it was supposed to, with cake and having everyone pray for me. I led worship for the junior highers, which went well as it always does. Most of the kids that were in J. High when I started are now in High School. So, the going away "party" was somewhat uninvolved. I like to think that the kids didn't quite grasp the magnitude of my impact on the ministry. But then I realize that my impact wasn't as great as how my self-righteousness would make it out to be. It was a blast to be a part of it, either way. I remember when I first showed up the room was way too small for the amount of kids that we had. The walls were painted with a mural highlighting the name "Jesus" that seemed poised in victory over the less impressive name of "Satan." There was a fusball table, where I learned how to play. And the 14 of us sat in the crowded room, listening to Chuck lead us in somewhat outdated worship. Then Andrew or Roger, who quickly became my greatest Friend in Monterey, would get up and preach the word with passion and precision. The whole scene was quaint, comfortable, and familiar. Now, two years later, James has taken Matt's spot, who took Roger and Andrew's spot in teaching. We have moved next door, into a much bigger room to facilitate our larger group of about 35 each week. My original kids have all gotten bigger, and I was still excited to see them last night, even though it was my last time. I know that the Lord has something awesome in Georgia for me. I know that there is some other ministry and some other youth group for me to fall in love with. But right now, all I can say about Calvary Chapel Monterey Bay is that I'm going to miss it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is anyone else bewildered by the amount of money that they're putting in to advertising for the "Snakes On A Plane" movie? Or is it just me?

Sunday, August 13, 2006


The one problem with having an all-white keyboard is how dirty it gets. That seems to be the standard, though; that clean things get dirty. I once heard it said that you don't have to be clean to get dirty. But, I think that you do have to be dirty to get clean. We had a bonfire for Mercedes's 18th birthday last night. And as we sere sitting around the fire, after playing a game of tackle football, I realized something. I realized how much I was going to miss my life here in Monterey. I mean, it was like a movie. There were nine of us, sitting around a bonfire on Carmel beach, joking, goofing off, enjoying being around each other. And through the 'smores, the firewood and the sarcasm, I felt at home. I felt like I wasn't alone. And all I wanted to do was to stay there on the beach and wait out the storm of growing up. It was sweet. But, every minute I dwell on the experience is one minute closer to my inevitable plane flight. And I can't get past the fact that after two years of growing and developing these relationships, I have to move away and leave them all behind. I don't fear Georgia, and a big part of me is looking forward to the new life I'm going into. But so much more of me wants to stay and continue in the one I'm living now. So much more of me would rather keep putting up with tourists, seagulls, and the faulty highway system more than the heat, racists, and country music. But I've grown up hearing about how the Lord will provide, how He knows the plans He has for me. And I trust that Georgia holds plenty to look forward to, but my mind can't get away from all that I have to abandon for the sake of "the journey." I hate it. I hate that I can't find any solace in any of it. I hate how knowing all of the answers that I've grown up hearing takes away from the feeling of peace when I realize them for the first time. I hate how all I truly know in this life is what's behind me. And I can't get away from what's behind me. But still, Georgia is calling. And still, I am forced to answer her. Now the days are growing shorter, and the air is getting colder, and I lose my fight with identity, as I realize that this also is not where I belong.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Congratulations to Rachel Rasch, who is the soon to be new owner of one 1995 Teal Green Ford Escort, formally used by me. That's right. I sold it. Word

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Adventure Conclusion Numbers

Here goes:

15: hours I spent in transit to get back home to Monterey
17: days since I've shaved
9: more hours until I go see Talladega Nights
1.99: dollars I spent on toffee coated peanuts today
108: degrees outside when we played basketball on Wednesday. Bad idea
4: time I felt old these last two weeks
494: pictures I took in Honduras
2: more days before I get my car keys shipped from St. Louis, after leaving them there
91: degrees in St. Louis today
70: degrees in Monterey (suckas)
2: inches in height that my little brother has on me
21 - 8: score in our 1 one 1 basketball game Thursday
21: years old I am now
8: game losing streak for the Cardinals
13: days until I leave Monterey for good
180: pounds
100: cds that Calvary is giving me to sell
2: weeks to sell my car
2051: profile views, catchin up with Rika
2565.9: miles standing in between Augusta and Monterey
25: minutes before my battery runs out

And off I go to my people watching

Thursday, August 03, 2006

What a Birthday

So for my 21st birthday, as a present, my 16 year old brother beat me in a game of basketball. What a birthday.