Tuesday, February 28, 2006

You Heard it Here First (Heavy on the Sarcasm)

We found out today from one of our very proud arabic instructors that it was actually the Arabs that discovered America. Those Arabs sure seem to have had their hand in every great discovery, invention, or general advancement ever to occur. Kind of makes you think though. . .

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Little Victories, or "Now that our lives have changed"

Today, my flickr account greeted me in arabic when I signed on. Their automatic system is very perceptive of late. It's been a busy week and weekend. We had a test on Thursday - the first unit test that I did not take the first time through. I am officially caught up! That is a happy occaision, cause for celebration. But that also means that my class time is crucial again.
I sold my first print of a picture that I took. Another cause for celebration. Granted, it was one of my friends that bought it, but that doesn't take away from the fact that I actually sold a piece of my own creative material. I addition to that, thanks to the new camera, I got a gig to take pictures of another friend's band's show. The show was at this bar in Seaside, the bar itself was one of the shadiest places I've ever been. It was only my second bar expirence, the first being in Costa Rica. This place broke my heart, just seeing the emptiness that was manifested by the way the people interacted and portrayed themselves. As for the band, they were pretty good. I posted some of the pictures on flickr. So by definition, I'm a professional photographer. Happy occaision number three.
As for the fourth, I finally got into the recording studio to start on my demo (pictured above). Saturday, Andrew Wessbecher, my drummer, and I got up there and recorded for about three and a half hours. I'd say we just about knocked out half of the demo on the recording end. It was quick and efficent, exactly what I was praying for. Praise the Lord. I'm speculating that the demo will be out by the end of March. I'll keep posting about that.
My iPod has been acting up. Might just be time to take advantage of that apple care plan.
The Middle School Winter Camp is this upcoming weekend, and I'm excited, I'm very, very excited. Keep that in your prayers, whoever you may be. Until next time, God bless.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Somebody once said

"Went from
Hoodshock to Hood-chic
But it ain't what you cop
It's about what you keep"

A prize for anyone who can tell me who said that. Skiing was awesome, pictures are on flickr. It's raining outside and I'm drifting asleep. God Bless

Friday, February 17, 2006

New Coffee Shop

It's finally the weekend. We had today off, and I like to think I took advantage. I'm sitting in a different coffee shop, although this one calls itself a "cafe." It's alright, I'm still feeling it out. There are existential paintings on the wall. They're soothing.
Having this camera has changed my life. In the last three days, I've taken over 450 pictures. Where before it was a drag to have too much downtime, now its a blessing; I always have something to do. Check the pictures out at flickr (link to the right).
I'm going skiing tomorrow. Its been more than two years, but I think that watching the Olympics will prompt me to skiing excellence. I can't get enough of the Men's snowboarding cross. It has the feel of games that we used to make up as kids, where the one who thinks up the game always wins. Go USA.
The two hour parking limit is about to run out, so its time to leave this "cafe." Thank you for your support, if its there. Be blessed.

"It means the sunrise
Or the end of the bay, fifty miles away
But I can see it like its yesterday"

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentines Day

Another Valentines day has come and gone. Strangely enough, not once did I feel sorry for myself this time. I haven't been in a relationship on Valentines day since 7th grade, and it seems that each successive one has been more and more lonely. But this year was different. Instead of thinking of who was not around me, the Lord really opened my eyes to everyone that was around me. Thank you. Thank you to all of my family and friends that I hold so close and whose prayers I feel every day. You are a wonderful blessing. Happy Valentines day.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

New Day

I'm back. Today, at 1:50 pm PST, I purchased a Nikon D50 SLR digital camera. It's the second biggest single purchase of my life, and could possibly be the most triumphant. I'm excited, very excited. Check out the wonderful pictures it takes at Flickr. The Lord is good.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rebuttal or How Our Minds Change Over Night or Once I Was a Child, I No Longer Am

I spoke with my dad last night, and he encouraged me to count my blessings. So, with that in mind, here are some more numbers:

76 - Degrees Today
3.69 - My current GPA in Arabic
90 - Percentile of my Arabic proficiency among my classmates
>300 - Total number of hours I have been able to spend in ministry with my middle school kids
45 - Pages of poetry and prose that I have written in the last four months
6 - Organized sports teams that I have been a part of in the last year
35 - Miles that my car gets per gallon, which is especially helpful in California (2.71 / gal)
6 - Months since I've had to pay to get that car fixed
6,000 - Dollars that I have to my name thanks to the Navy
10 - Hours of paid recording time that the NextGen ministry is providing for for me
7.5 - Hours of freetime that I have on any given day
2 - Months left before Baseball season begins
120 - Estimated total wins for the Cardinals this year, including the World Series
5 - Members of my immediate family that tell me they love and are praying for me (not counting the rest of you)
0 - Number of times I've been beaten, shot at, targeted with a roadside bomb, or deployed to a war zone in the last year
1 - Savior

My school has started a process to select two students from my class of 30 to study abroad in Egypt for a month, begining at the end of March. I put in my application and am doing everything that I can to help my chances of being selected. Also, I spoke with Mike Higgins today about traveling as a leader to Honduras again with Greentree back home. He sounded very optimistic. Thank all of you for your support and love. Its good to be reminded sometimes.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Some numbers with their coinciding commodity:
3 - Hours since this headache started
8 - Different people that I reminded myself to call by writing their name on my hand
6 - People I actually called, sorry Aliza and Monterey recreation center
39:11 - Minutes I spent on the phone on hold, waiting to talk to someone from eTrade about my restricted account
40 - Shares in Krispy Kreme that I'm forced to sell
58 - approximated dollars that I'm losing in the transaction
3 - Loads of laundry that I took out of the dryer that are waiting to be folded
0 - Loads of laundry I'm probably going to fold tonight
12 - Pop tarts that I've eaten in the last 3 days
2 - Times I fell asleep in class today
14 - Pages of "Every Man's Battle" that I read during class today when I was supposed to be paying attention
5 - People that can't fill in for me for the Middle School's worship tonight, which subsequently won't happen
24-14 - Estimated score for the Flag Football Championship that i'm playing in, with the Navy winning over the Marines*
1 - Week since I've had a good day.

One of my Iraqi teachers told me that I was gaining weight. And she doesn't mess around. I think that they are a lot less tactful in Iraq. I guess if they routinely kill people over something as meaningless as a cartoon, I shouldn't expect too much tact. She's probably right, anyway. Keep that prayer coming, it gets me through.

*Correction: 16-13 - Actual final score of the championship game, with the Marines beating us in the last 30 seconds. The perfect end to this perfect day.