Saturday, May 19, 2007


Monterey CA. This place hasn't changed. There's still the gay columbian Barista at my favorite coffee shop; still the crazy guy with the cowboy hat and the dogs; still the painfully akward soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen that are fighting to feel comfortable with themselves, still failing miserably. Though, despite all of the unchanged nuances and cliches that define Monterey in my mind, it feels unmistakably different.
I fight to convince myself that this place misses me - that I had some sort of impact on it. It hurt so bad to leave it, a pain that I felt for several months afterwards. But its different now. I love the people that I have been reunited with. I love the fellowship that I left behind nine months ago. I love the ministry that I was taken out of; its great to see the kids that were once in my Middle School group - to joke around with them and hear about all of their new girlfriends. There is so much that I msiss about this place. But sitting in my friend Heather's house, it no longer hurts to think that I must leave again. I take my nostalgia with a grain of salt, that being an understanding that my life here is over. Monterey was great while it lasted, I had a lot of fun and developed some great relationships. But that time is over now. The Lord has given me a peace about it all, knowing that this was just another town along the road to my ultimate destination. I understand that now.
I will always come back to Monterey. I will always remember her and the times that I spent walking down to Alvarado st., or taking my camera to Asilomar, or writing sad songs on Del Monte beach. I will always remember Monterey; but I will remember it for what it really is: another stop on the long journey home.

oh, and congratulations to the new mr. and mrs. Josh and 'Rika Soto. The wedding was amazing and I'm still super stoked for both of you guys.