Monday, February 12, 2007

A day that sees me sleeping

And this numbers' list, which is the first of the new year, is brought to you by a bitter-sweet albeit productive Sunday.

21.37 - Dollars that I spent on four movies at Blockbuster. All of them masterpieces
6 - bowls of instant oatmeal I have eaten in the last 36 hours
19 - of February, when my room mate Chris and I are moving into my first apartment
0 - pieces of furniture I currently own in Augusta
1 - week that I have to stay off of my ankle after hurting it (again) last week
540 - miles I'll probably be driving to Chattanooga next week to see the boys
203 - lbs
237 - e-mails from grandma since she started
35 - hours of school this week
2 - days until the 20th Valentines day that I have had no reason to celebrate
.49 - dollars per pound the bananas are at Bi-Lo
1213 - days until I get to do something else

All in all, you're just another brick in the wall