Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shifting Perspectives, or "When Does the Train Leave?"

I just spent the last hour reading through my last year's worth of blog posts. It's been a pretty tame year, I think. 2011 was pretty ridiculous; trying to establish myself in a brand new city, backpacking through the Rockies (napping at 13,000 ft, nbd,) living in Spain for three months, etc. I did a lot, saw a lot, and traveled a lot. I was rocked by Picasso, sang ballads on rooftops and love songs to cathedrals, and fell in love with new cities. I did it all. 2010 was equally as exciting, between South Africa and Belize and moving to Atlanta. I've had a great life.

So, looking back at 2012, there weren't a lot of mountaintops to watch the sunrise from, or customs agents to sweet talk, or chances to shout curse words at Jozy Altidore (my favorite past time.) There weren't a lot of plane tickets to purchase, corrupt Mexican police to bribe, or Jeeps to steal (which is a great story you should ask me about later.) Ultimately, my adventure quotient has been pretty low this year. I think I've felt the need, felt the itch to go and see and experience new things. It's muddy.

Honestly though, that pension to board a plane and find some trouble to get into has been significantly curbed by my growing desire to undertake such exploits with Priscilla Benitez by my side. This year has been the year that I grew close to her, that I fought that desire to roam in order to earn her trust. And, since she has said yes to marrying me, we are now planning that next big adventure together. The only thing I want more than to travel, to ramble, is to do so with her by my side. It's been well worth the long weeks of too much free time, of the diligent application of myself to studies and planting "roots." And now, 2013 gets to be the year that I go and see and do it all, with her with me. I couldn't be more excited.

So, short and sweet; 2012 has been great. But, it hasn't been great because for the same reasons that other years have been. It's been an establishing shot; a proving to myself that my desire to ramble is only defeated for my desire for her, for my future wife. And, we're going to change the world together. Just you wait and see.

Sorry for the cheese. I'm really into this girl.