Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Road Winds through the Coming Night

Show to me
Your Television smile
You're like the sun
Frustrated all the while
I trust that you
may someday turn the dial

But I can't believe in you

It's the melody
of a cold, transparent sky
You can point at me
And believe that I'm alive
When you look away
It makes me want to die

So it goes on and on
Like an opera song
I believe in you
But that won't last for long
You look like hell
Has some work to do
But beside that I'm
So in love with you

If you change your name
Then perhaps we'll make amends
If it sounds like love
Then I will not understand
Love's a gentle breeze
That sears my face again

My scars had just gone away

You were summer in
The dead November snow
Like the preacher's voice
On this A M radio
You're so beautiful
with your voice so soft and low

I have the words to say
But can't find the heart
I'll just keep waiting here
For my life to start
And amidst the pain
I feel so alive
I can feel you breathe
With each coming night

I'll follow you to where ever you will go

Come and take my hand
And we'll leave this town
You can see the stars
In a wedding gown
But the rain will fall
And the wind will blow
If you hold me close
We won't die alone

We all die alone

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