Thursday, April 07, 2005

Writer of Fiction

I don't care to know all the boys that love you,
For he is every one you know,
And I am tired of this silly struggle,
I do not know which way to go,
And I'm a broken man, I must admit,
But love is simple at the heart of it,
War is coming on a darkened cloud,
I'm okay to wait it out,

New technology will save our children,
It will set their journey's straight,
But we are lost in out reciprocation,
Seems we drank it all away,
And you are beautiful as coming snow,
But torn apart like Kosovo,
Here I'm waiting for your name to change,
That won't make them go away,

Now I can walk across this great big country,
Or sit here like a broken train,
Believe me either way my love's like summer,
Waiting for the autumn rain,
And it will save us or else we will drown,
I believe that you will come around,
Just tell me one more thing before I go,
Will you let me take you home

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