Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Crazy Weekend

So recently I've been dealing with a lot of stuff. I understand that what I "deal with" is usually trite and mostly a result of my need to be occupied. But between a surgically repaired ankle, the most boring stretch of school I've ever expirenced, and being the only one of my friends that is single (which makes for some uneventful weekends), my mind has been pretty full as of late. So, needless to say, I was ready for some kind of awesome weekend. The Lord has always been faithful in blessing me with the right thing at the right time. He came through again. Friday, we had game night with the Middle School kids that I lead at church. It was a blast. I woke up Saturday Morning dreading the fact that I had nothing planned and probably wouldn't accomplish anything. I was debating going up to Santa Cruz for the day to walk and buy some music. Out of my own self-pity, I decided not to. But due to my boredom, I went downtown to the local music store and looked for Blazing Arrow by Blackalicious. They had it, but it was $18.95. Disgusted at the inflation, I got in my car and drove up to Santa Cruz. And that was the best decision I made all weekend.
Up in SC, there was a breakdancing group in the street. They were awesome. Pictures are on the flickr site (---->).
So I got to watch them for a while. I left The Cruz with 3 new CDs, a story of how I saw these guys breakdancing, and an idea in my head for my favorite song to date. But it doesn't stop there. Sunday morning I got to Church an hour early, thanks to daylight savings (score one to JFK). I remembered that the band the Dance Floor Prophets were going to be playing at the Next Genereation service that we have at night. I was stoked on that and got to meet them there. They are awesome guys and it was cool to get to know them. So then last night, to wrap it all up, I went to the un-Haloween party at church and got to see them play again. This weekend was awesome and could not have come at a better time. Praise the Lord, as always.


Romondo Davis said...


I always read everything you blog. Never stop.



Elisa said...

i like reading your blog!!