Saturday, November 19, 2005


So, my good friend Roger Lapham was married today. Its been quite a journey these past couple of days, what with all of the rehearsals and bachelor parties. And some serious light has been shed on my ideas of life and purpose. Marriges are so bitter sweet for me these days. Roger's for example, found me happy to be there. I was and still am excited for my brother and his new wife. She is beautiful and will be an incredible wife for him. But, while I'm happy for him, I can't relate to him. Right now, I'm about as single as they come. This fact does not bother me too much, as the Lord has given me a distinctive, miraculous peace about it. But as each day goes by, I feel more and more ready to find that woman and spend the rest of my life with her. Bebo Norman wrote a song that I have been seriously digging for the last week. And in that song he says:
"Tonight I want a life
Where the faces are the same most every day
Tonight I want a wife
To sit with me and watch our children play
All the world between us
Watching the years fade away
And when the laughing's done...we'll watch the trees stand still "

The goal that Bebo and I share is to reach that point in life where everything stops changing. It's to come to a point where your friends and family are around you. It's to be in position where things don't have to change. But most importantly, it's to find my wife, have children, and sit back and watch them grow old together. I find myself thinking about her often. I keep trying to write a song about her, whoever she is. But it's hard to personify a woman that I love, yet do not know. And so life becomes a trial. And endless parade of sitting and waiting and hoping. Perhaps it won't be much longer, though I think that it will still be some time. Its an occaision that I greatly look forward to. Because she will complete me.

Besides that, I've finished recording all of my third full length album. Let me know if you want a copy. And with that, I have nothing left to say. God bless, and If you are my wife, hurry up and find me.


"The Night is starry and she is not with me"

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