Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Things Change. . .

I was just browsing Mlb.com, and I came across former Cardinal pitcher Matt Morris in a San Francisco Giants uniform after he signed a contract to play for them next year. You might know that Matt Morris played for the Cardinals longer than any current player, before now. It was truly shocking to see Matty Mo in any uniform other than the Red and White that I grew up loving. It's offensive, almost, not nessecarily in the fact that he went to another team. It's offensive because it's such a definite point of change. This man, this staple of such a well loved St. Louis institution, is gone. He found somewhere else that he would rather be. It hurts to think that things are so fragile.
In my life also, I have come to realize that things change. As I sit in my bedroom, after a long and exhausting day of a school that seems eternal, I realize how different I am now than I was just a couple of weeks ago, not to mention several years. The Lord has been shaping me and molding me for my entire life into the person that I am right now. I might live the same way, with the same routine and the same habits for most of my life, but the Lord has the power to change it instanly so that I may be where He wants me.
One of the things that the Lord has changed is my mind. I've come to a point where I feel a huge calling on my life. And that calling is something that I need to get serious about. I decided to get baptized this coming Sunday, so that I can proclaim who I am, and distinguish my life as set apart for the Lord. Pray that my life will reflect the plan that the Lord has for me. I'm excited to see what that is / who she is.
Oh, I recorded a new song with some friends, and I'm in love with it. Check it out at myspace.com/mahndo. Nothing but Love. Outie.

"I desire what desires me"

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