Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Best Day in a Long While

Today was, as the title implies, one of the best days in a long while. It started as all days start, with my alarm on my ipod going off at 6 and me staying in bed for twenty minutes. I got up, shaved, got dressed and straightened up my room as I always do. I spent some time in the word, reading 2 Timothy 2, which I found to be one of the meatiest parts of scripture that I've read for some time. After my time with the Lord, I walked into my day. The sunrise was amazing, as it has been recently. It is always cold in the mornings, but this morning was a little warmer than normal. School was school, but because I slept so much last night (8 hours!), it was easier to stay attentive and interested. At lunch, I had a bit of an agenda. I paid my neglected internet bill, and opened up an account on Etrade. That's right, I am now an investor. Problem there is that I don't know anything about the stock market, so I subscribed to some podcasts about it, specifically Jim Cramer's. That got me to thinking. If I spent half of the time I spend listening to music, listening to news or something informative, imagine how knowledgeable I would be. So, I subscribed to a business podcast, a news podcast and a financial podcast, to cover my bases. After that, it was seventy degrees and completely sunny, I had to take advantage of that. I changed clothes and drove down the hill to one of my favorite delicatessens. I bought myself a poorboy sandwich and drove to the nearest beach to sit and eat it. It was delicious. I went back to school which was suprisingly bearable. After school, I wanted to do something active, but none of my friends were down to throw the frisbee or anything, so I drove back down to a different beach. There, I sat and read "Every Man's Battle," A book on purity. It's a great book and the Lord has spoken to me through it. I feel like, in the last couple of weeks, the Lord has impowered me by His Spirit to really do my part when it comes to my walk with him. It has been sweet. He is really working on my heart and my will lately. I don't want to sound arrogant in this, the ability to do so is not my own at all. He's just so good. Anyway, after an hour of that, I went back to the base. I ended up going up to the gym and playing in the Navy-Army basketball game. It was fun, and afterward I stayed at the gym and worked out for another two hours. Now, it's 9:30 and I don't have any real agenda. It's a good feeling, after accomplishing so much today. Also, I've been approved to work with a professional sound technician in the church's recording studio. It's 25 bucks an hour for him, but the NextGeneration ministry has commited to $250 for me to pay him with. More on that later. God is good, so so good. Be blessed, I know that I am.

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Astounding! Ask me why.