Sunday, January 15, 2006

What it is

I spent 50 dollars on groceries a few days ago in an attempt to get in shape and to save money. It was the first time that I have ever spent that much on groceries for myself. I think that its a sign of maturity, buying ones own groceries for the first time. So, feel free to congratulate me.That's about as exciting as it has been these last few days. Except for the golf tournament that I volunteered at on Friday. Pebble Beach is awesome, and I was able to walk around and keep score for a team from Louisianna. They were good guys, though they reminded me of the four guys from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.
I got a blister on my left foot from playing basket ball in my 15 dollar basketball shoes. I guess you get what you pay for. My room is almost clean, for the first time in a while. It feels good. I think I'm growing up slowly.
There really isn't any reason for my writing, I just felt like a superficial update would perfectly fit my current mood. I should go down to the coffee shop, that place always seems to inspire me to greatness. My bedroom, however, does not. I feel greasy. I play too much espn MLB 2005. That is certain. I have church tonight and I should probably be leaving. I started sponsoring a kid from India, his name is Sarath. He likes Cricket and studying English. He's seven and he doesn't wear shoes when they take his picture. Looks like a bright kid. Hopefully my 28 dollars will change his life. Whatever legacy I can find, I guess.
Until next time, keep it simple, lock the doors behind you, and always find the cheapest gas station. There is no excuse for paying more than you have to. In the words of Christian Hip Hop artist Play Dough, "If your spirit ain't livin', then you got no soul." Outie.

Oh, and that movie "Glory Road" was pretty good.


Elisa said...

My main question is this: what HAVE you been eating if this is the first time you have bought your own groceries??
Wish you still lived in the Lou, bro. Your parents are in the same sunday school class as me at GTCC... Dr. Holley's class! It's awesome, and I'm so glad I started going to it. Keep it real out there on the west side.

Romondo Davis said...

Love reading your ramblings. You say so much when you're saying nothing. You are demonstrating your new maturity every time you write. Keep it up.