Friday, February 17, 2006

New Coffee Shop

It's finally the weekend. We had today off, and I like to think I took advantage. I'm sitting in a different coffee shop, although this one calls itself a "cafe." It's alright, I'm still feeling it out. There are existential paintings on the wall. They're soothing.
Having this camera has changed my life. In the last three days, I've taken over 450 pictures. Where before it was a drag to have too much downtime, now its a blessing; I always have something to do. Check the pictures out at flickr (link to the right).
I'm going skiing tomorrow. Its been more than two years, but I think that watching the Olympics will prompt me to skiing excellence. I can't get enough of the Men's snowboarding cross. It has the feel of games that we used to make up as kids, where the one who thinks up the game always wins. Go USA.
The two hour parking limit is about to run out, so its time to leave this "cafe." Thank you for your support, if its there. Be blessed.

"It means the sunrise
Or the end of the bay, fifty miles away
But I can see it like its yesterday"

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