Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Some numbers with their coinciding commodity:
3 - Hours since this headache started
8 - Different people that I reminded myself to call by writing their name on my hand
6 - People I actually called, sorry Aliza and Monterey recreation center
39:11 - Minutes I spent on the phone on hold, waiting to talk to someone from eTrade about my restricted account
40 - Shares in Krispy Kreme that I'm forced to sell
58 - approximated dollars that I'm losing in the transaction
3 - Loads of laundry that I took out of the dryer that are waiting to be folded
0 - Loads of laundry I'm probably going to fold tonight
12 - Pop tarts that I've eaten in the last 3 days
2 - Times I fell asleep in class today
14 - Pages of "Every Man's Battle" that I read during class today when I was supposed to be paying attention
5 - People that can't fill in for me for the Middle School's worship tonight, which subsequently won't happen
24-14 - Estimated score for the Flag Football Championship that i'm playing in, with the Navy winning over the Marines*
1 - Week since I've had a good day.

One of my Iraqi teachers told me that I was gaining weight. And she doesn't mess around. I think that they are a lot less tactful in Iraq. I guess if they routinely kill people over something as meaningless as a cartoon, I shouldn't expect too much tact. She's probably right, anyway. Keep that prayer coming, it gets me through.

*Correction: 16-13 - Actual final score of the championship game, with the Marines beating us in the last 30 seconds. The perfect end to this perfect day.

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