Friday, March 17, 2006

Poker night, the tournament of our lives

So it's back to the numbers thing. Word to Elisa for reminding me about it.

0 - Morning quiet times I've woken up for in the last two days. Pray for me
188 - pounds with all of my clothes, jacket and boots on. You do the math
3 - points I scored today in a pickup basketball game to 16, we lost
10 - Dollars that I put into the bracket pool with the guys in class
10 - Dollars I regret putting into the bracket pool with the guys in class. Go Illini
7/9 - games that I guessed right in said bracket. Again, go Illini
6 - Minutes that I spent in a speaking test that usually lasts for twenty before the teacher decided to give me an A
3 - Blog readers, if my calculations are correct. Thanks.
2 - Quarts of Strawberry Kool-aid that I just made. Which marks the first time I've made kool-aid since moving away from home
15 - Guys under the age of 25 at the men's retreat out of about 140. It was awesome, the Lord taught me so much
4 - Months 'till Honduras
1 - Savior that still shines through on such an overcast afernoon.

I'm off to play poker with a crew that I haven't hung out with since most of them got married within the last year. It should be fun. There's nothing quite like Christian poker night. It's so friendly. God Bless.


Romondo Davis said...

I pray for you daily. Thanks for sharing so creatively.

Elisa said...

i need an extra dose of prayers tonight, mondo.

Elisa said...

P.S. Sometimes I wish I only had 3 readers... it would be easier to be vulnerable. It's a horrible feeling to know that someone wants to keep track of your life, but not have any type of relationship with you.

I'm thrilled with your A!! Good job.