Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Longest Day Ever (but not nessecarily the worst)

From a chair that I've sat in for at least five hours, I've realized that this was in fact the longest day of my life. Pity is that there is still a good 5ive hours left in it. It all started last night. . .
Sunday, I had noticed a rash on my arm that didn't look like any I had seen. I though that it was some alergic reaction. I'm accustomed to poison ivy(very accustomed), and I knew that that wasn't what it was. I knew how to handle rashes, so I spent the next the next two days biting my lip in numerous efforts not to scratch. I'm proud to say that I accomplished that mission. But last night I noticed that it had spread and was looking worse and worse. It started to hurt pretty bad, too. I went to bed, getting maybe 5 hours of sleep thanks to the pain. And decided this morning to get it checked out. Turns out, it was poison oak (a new one for me). After they loaded me up with, count 'em, 5 different prescriptions and a steroid shot, they sent me home for the day. That meant that I wasn't allowed to leave my room. And I've been here ever since.
So, we can perhaps go over what I accomplished today:

1. I learned how to apply and wrap gauze on an open Poison Oak wound.
2. I had some killer microwave fetuccini alfredo, as well as my share of pop-tarts.
3. I got to watch the Cardinals beat the Phillies in the 9th on ESPN.
4. I acheived a "fairly dangerous" criminal rating in my new favorie computer game, Escape Velocity Nova
5. I came up with a complete list of things I needed to accomplish today (half the battle, right?)

That's about it. I've come to a sweeping realization that I'm sick of being sick. I haven't been healthy since I joined the Navy almost two years ago. Between 4 in-grown toenails, two seriuos ankle sprains, one undocumented sprained wrist, reconstructive ankle surgery, dehabilitating back spasms that still make me sore four months later, and now the worst outbreak of poison oak that I have ever seen let alone have, I believe that I've but in my time at the doctor's office. Where does it end?

Sorry if I sound negative. At least the Cardinals won.

p.s. that picture isn't of me, but it looks alot the same.


Elisa said...

poor mondo! i'm sorry, buddy.
love, E.

Romondo Davis said...

Hang in there, Son. Keep God foremost in your mind and you'll make it. Remember Joshua 1:9

jsmanseau said...

Hey...Augustana June 18th, San Fran, $25, you in?

Hope your posion oak goes away soon! See you this weekend sometime I'm sure.

April said...

I am suffering from poison oak, too (that is how I came across your blog). I didn't get five prescriptions,though. I only got the steroid. What did they give you, and how long did it last?