Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Odyssey pt. 1 (a thousand sad mornings)

I've decided to post a chronological series of things that I have written down. More investigatory than expressive, and more self-indulgent than anything else. It's a crazy perspective, to consider who I was when I wrote some of these. Credit Matt Webel for the idea. I'm calling it the Odyssey. Here's part 1. It's from "A Thousand Sad Mornings," that I wrote from September to December 2004.

What should I do with all of this extra time
I’ll write and sing and be sad
Though it’s only for the sake of being sad
Sad, I definitely am
The sun is trying
So damn hard
To come up over the hills
The fruit stand’s out of fruit
The hash browns have no grease
The milk and cereal hit the ground
As they’re lost in the fog
Welcome to this blue, blue morning
Blue like it used to be
Before these kids had their way
Before the radio was too loud
Our parents called it trash
But we called it gold
The golden age of reason and emotion
When people said what they believed
When we could be offended

But what a sad compromise
And what a thing to say
It’s okay if you hate me if you think its okay
The times have changed on me again
And I’m lost in my love and my hatred
You always had the answers, then
But I know what a thousand sad mornings can do
If I had one more chance
I would say that I love you, I love only you
It’s almost time to call this game
And offer my forfeit
And come on my knees, empty handed
To find that you have gone


Elisa said...

i know this has absolutely nothing to do with your post... but i just want you to know that some woman is going to be very lucky to find you one of these days, mondo. i've maintained that stance since you were 12 years old and i still stand by it. you're like the whole deal - insightful, introspective, focused, and a man after God's heart. keep on keeping on. love, e.

Mahndo said...

I'm holding out for it. . .