Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Odyssey pt 3 (A Song to Die To)

Is it too early to post again? Oh well. Entitled "A Song to Die to" from Feb. 26, 2005:

Can you believe what we're seeing
I can see the earth in all its furry
I can see the sky in all her glory
For she cries and she cries, this broken sad sky
And the earth has to reap what she buries
The face on the children is haunting
Their smiles remind me that they change
But smiling is just an emotion
So they sing a sad song, as more sing along
And they'll sing it 'till their dying days

For this life was once something special
And now it is more special still
There's a hope that love will deliver
But the more I assume
The more that I lose
So I guess that my love left with you

Downloading wasted my childhood
I waited for years at a time
And the backlogs piled like a sand dune
But now the buttons have died, despite how we tried
And I've forgotten all that was mine
But the TV fed us our supper
And the movies fought us our war
Perhaps the beauty just isn't in seeing
Its the guns and the cars, the women in bars
And grace for half price in the stores

We look for second chance stories
Thinking that it could be my fate
But with chances so long in the making
That the chances that come, rise up like the sun
And I'm already dead from the wait
I'm sure that life isn't the answer
I'm sure that I'm facing the door
I'm sure that my struggle is over
Like the money and fame, and the broken last name
For this new life was well worth her war

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