Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Odyssey pt. 4 (LA is on the Sunset)

We found out today that eating fish can cause cancer because of the radiation that nuclear weapons tests omit into the ocean. I love the Arab logic. This from "LA is on the Sunset" from April 10, 2005:

One failed engine
One strike of lightning
One disgruntled passenger
And it's over
You are over for me as I am for you
I'm sure that's not on your mind
On this busy Friday afternoon
But I can see the lightning forming the horizon
And in it I can see my death,
But on the other side of this machine
To my right, towards the ocean
That is where the tired sun sinks
Satisfied that it has lived to satisfy another day
Ambitious in its solitude
And like mankind, the sun lives on
Despite the cold monotony
For someone must supply the grain
That these pretzels that fill me up
Are made of
Lest I sleep empty
Or not sleep at all
And all these gay flight attendants
Would not get their look at me
But I am spoken for, straight as I am
Straight like the sun
That is hidden to the world below
But these clouds give way to our ascent
And I can see the sunset
That's how it looks from here, anyway
For it's rising somewhere else
It's shining light on Italy
On France and Belgium, too
It's raising up to greet the hunger
And the thirst
That only Europe can fill


Romondo Davis said...

I met with Karl today. He said that if you don't come visit them in Hilton Head soon after you arrive in Augusta, he'll come get you, tie you up and drag you there.

Mahndo said...

What a guy

Anonymous said...

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