Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ready for a vent

We got our grades back today for our 14th Unit test that we took yesterday, mixed emotions accompanied them. First thing to understand, they grade our tests on a curve, but not on a normal curve. No, this curve is an effing ridiculous curve. Let me elaborate, the reading portion of the test consisted of 20 short answer questions. The total possible points were 74. I missed six points overall, giving me a 68/74. In any normal institution, I would have received my due 91% A-, and the appropriate 3.30 towards my GPA. But at this institution, with its crazy curve, I received a B-, 2.7 towards my GPA. Also, I missed 12 out of a total of 114 possible points on the transcription protion, procuring a 90%. I received a B- for that, also. Now, normally I don't stress out about my grades, I aim simply to finish the course and learn the language, nothing more. But everytime a test comes back, I am apalled at (1) the severity of the imposed grading scale, and the adminsitration that appoints it, and (2) the inability of the graders to understand English. We spend two hours on average, explaining to our instructors why the answers we wrote, and the answers the curriculum called for mean the EXACT same thing. Though, it is acually suprising that they go to so much trouble to deduct points when grading us, seeing as how the better we do, the more they get paid. That's right, the army uses monetary incentives to compel the teachers to teach well. The better our final grades are, the more our instructors get paid. It's funny how the promise of more money cause people (especially people from. . . nevermind) to apply shady business practices and quesitonable tactics. I won't list any specifics here, but trust me, it's appalling. Regardless, I probably walked away with better grades than before, all in all. And if this is the biggest complaint that I have, I guess I'm in pretty good shape. It's good to get it out though. Thanks for listening. Vote for Taylor Hicks.


Romondo Davis said...

Oh boy! Oh well. I'm as proud of you as ever.

Anonymous said...

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