Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Satan Day

That's right, June 6, 2006. The day that so many have feared has gone off without a hitch. Actually, so far it has been one of my best days in the last few weeks. I just got back from the dentist to get my tri-annular(?) teef cleaning. I forgot what it feels like to have clean teef. It was heaven. They were so clean, that I didn't want to eat lunch for fear that I would dirty them up again. I actually think that I lost some weight from all of the bacteria that was taken out of my mouth. Like I said, heaven. But I realized again today how awesome our God is. As I was driving away from the dentist, I couldn't stop thinking about something that she had said; "You're lucky to be one of those people that don't floss, but it doesn't hurt them," and, "the bacteria that you have inbetween your teeth isn't harmful to your gums, yet." Stupid as it sounds, that concept brought light to the grace that the Lord has given me. How I can go for twenty years without flossing, and still have healthy teef and gums. But how much more phennomenal is it that I can go for twenty years spitting in my Savior's face, and still be saved? I spent the whole trip back to my appt. thinking of how much I don't deserve Him. And how that fact doesn't phase Him. It's a good day, regardless of what the date spells.


Romondo Davis said...

I have an interesting dentist story. I had a checkup in Hawaii, back when you were just a baby. It had been a very long time since my last checkup. Amazingly enough, the dentist found NO cavities. I told him that it must be the good saliva I have. He laughed and agreed that that must be it.

Mahndo said...

So that's where it comes from.

elisa said...

i love the pic!! when was this taken? i was thinking of you and wished you could be here. alas, the arab teachers have got you captive.