Thursday, June 08, 2006

Healthy (at last)

Finally, yesterday I was approved to be taken off of the list of unhealthy people. I have been recovering from my ankle surgery for seven months now. And after seven months, the doctors have decided that I am once again capable of being active. It was somewhat anti-climatic yesterday. There was no "congratulations," no hand shake, not even "Eye of the Tiger" playing softly in the background. It's like when you're a kid and you always have to go to bed early. Then, one day you ask your parents if its okay if you start staying up later, and they agree. You expect that the time when you are usually in bed would be exciting, with music playing and dance parties and such. But then you're disappointed to find out that that time is just as boring as the rest of it. High-level analogy, I know. I appologize to those of you on the slower side that couldn't quite grasp that one. Maybe next time.


Romondo Davis said...

Woo-hooooo! Yipee! Congratulations!

Really, it takes a lot for an active guy like you to slow down long enough to let an injury heal.

Well done!

Have fun.

elisa said...

interesting. there is an official List Of Unhealthy People. apparently.