Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Odyssey pt 5(With You Here Before Me)

It's sunny today, but the shade that I sit in keeps it from me. This is from March 19, 2005, called "With You Here Before Me."
To find me something beautiful
I have to travel as far as it takes to get to where you are
To find the door that needs the key
That breaks in half under it's own weight
For you beauty is greater than your world we all inhabit
Like a battle that lasts long into night
But I'm ready to die for my country's sake
I'll give my life to be with you
Even if it means giving it to a tyrant
Or a poor, broken man
Just tell me I'm wrong as to feed me some time
And let my hands find your face,
For although I'm blind, I'm still alive
Let my hands stand on the bread that you make on the quiet days
When your words only tell me that you are still
And that these sad love poems have not yet stolen your fragile life away
For they break in your questions that break down walls
The love that I'm wanting is pale and thin
But it's more full of life than the lonely earth's night
Thank God you are still alive

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