Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sweet Nostalgia (Itchin' cause there's just two weeks left)

I picked this survey up off of a buddy's myspace. It's Tuesday night, I'm bored, so yeah, I filled it out. I think Elisa is starting to rub off on me. Did I mention i updated my website?

1.) What is your favorite Ice Cream Place?
Besides Ted Drewes? Silky's on Olive

2.) Favorite concert seen at UMB Bank Pavillion ( Riverport) --
County Crows w/ John Mayer and Graham Colton

3.)Would you rather go to the Dome, Savvis Center, or Busch Stadium?
Busch, no question

4.)Favorite Bar?
Not big on bars, there's a desert place in Soulard that calls itself a bar.

5.)Favorite Place to eat in the Loop?

6.) Favorite Fast food?
Lions Choice

7.)Would you rather go to the Zoo, Science Center, or the City Museum?
Depends on who I'm with. Probably the City Museum most.

8.) Have you ever been to the balloon races in Forest Park?
Yeah, I remember going with my dad when I was a kid.

9.) Would you rather go to the Muny or the Fox?
The Muny

10.) Favorite Mall in STL?
Not big on malls, probably Ghetto Galleria

11.) Have you ever been to Grants Farm?

12.)Favorite time of year to go to Six Flags?
Spring, when it first opens

13.) Favorite casino to go to?
Casino Queen

14.)Did you ever go to Incahoots or Liquid?
Do I look like a tool?

15.) Did you ever see Sesame Street on Ice at the old Kiel Center?
We didn't have the money

16.) Ballwin Days or Manchester Days?
Manchester over Ballwin anyday.

17.) Favorite Pizza Place?
Besides Imo's? Papa John's. We don't have them out here.

18.)Favorite Place to watch fireworks?
The park by our old house in Richmond Heights

19.) Best part of the VP Fair?
Getting to see Switchfoot with my friends last year.

20.)What High school did you go to?
Westminster Christian Academy / Parkway North

21.) Favorite place to see a movie?
West Olive. I kind of like that new place in the valley, though.

22.) Best Sub place?
Penn Station. Oh, how I miss Penn Station

23.) Would rather eat on the Hill or the Old Spaghetti Factory?
Ragazzi's on the Hill. Most expensive place we ever ate growing up.

24.) Chili Cook off in West Port Plaza or The Taste of Clayton?
Never went to either

25.) Mickey's Car Wash or Waterway?
Not waterway, they wouldn't hire me back in the day.

26.) Would you rather go Ice skating in Forest Park or go look at Christmas lights at Jellystone?
Ice Skating anywhere

27.) What hospital were you born in?
Kind Kameamea Memorial

28.) Have you ever been inside the Arch?
Yes, stupid question.

29.) What radio stations are programed in your car?
N/A? They're all Spanish stations out here.

30.) If you could bring back one thing to STL what would it be?
Fernando Vina, Tom Pagnozzi, and Mark McGwire playing in the old Busch. Or Jack Buck. Probably just Jack Buck.

Get it all ready for me.


elisa said...

i don't get it. when did you go to parkway north?

see my blog. tell me if it's a bad idea to be that "here it all is"

elisa said...

I wonder if you started listening to all of those Spanish stations if you would start learning Spanish as well as Arabic. That might be helpful.

Then again, what do I know? I was a Spanish minor and don't remember squat.

On the plus side, I have now left you about fifty blog comments instead of reading four chapters of my ED Research textbook. Sweet.

elisa said...

i'm sorry i yelled at your e-mail account. i left you another comment on my blog. love ya, E.