Saturday, July 08, 2006

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs. Chris Trump

Things I've noticed at my extensive attendance of Weddings over the past year:

Dancing is always akward until you start to do it.
Married guys take extreme pleasure in pointing out that their single friends are single.
Free food is good food.
If someone inexpirenced is leading a conga line, it just goes around in circles.
Few things are more fun than watching old guys dance with complete disregard for what anybody thinks. I wish I could be them.
I wish that I wasn't so damn timid all the time.
No guy really wants to catch the garter. It's always a fake race to get it, and the guy that ends up with it is the one that is the worst faker.
The dances between the bride and father/groom and mother/ bride and other father/ groom and other mother, etc. should all be lumped together into one three minute song to save time.
The only thing that the preacher administering the sermon needs to do when preacing it is not suck. When he sucks, its hard to forget.
We in America spend far too much on weddings.
Five staple reception songs: Celebration, Love Shack, Bust a Move, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, The Electric Slide
I want a wife that is more caught up in love with me, and vice versa, than the wedding ceremony.


Romondo Davis said...

Life is good. Take your time. Enjoy your youth. God will provide in his time.

Mahndo said...

Thanks for setting me straight, dad. I was almost about to go crazy and get married.