Monday, July 24, 2006

De Honduras

Hotel Grenada, Tegucigalpa Honduras. I was able to find internet access during our missions trip, and I am taking advantage. We arrived on Saturday and were rushed to a park where a sports camp was being held. Lee and I were told that we would be leading worship, ten minutes before we were supposed to. We did, and it went well. It has been crazy thus far, and I´m enjoying every minute of it. We spent six hours digging a ditch, and moving rocks for a retaining wall for a new house. What they say about the sun being hotter the closer you get to the equator is true. Tomorrow, more of the same. Wednesday is the day to look forward to, because my work group will be spending the day working at a VBS, work that I would take over the retaining wall. Either way, I´m having a blast, as all of us are. Please keep those of y¡our team that have been sick in your prayers. Thank You, te Dios bendega.


Romondo Davis said...

Muy excelente!

Con mucho amore.

Su Padre.

jsmanseau said...

Awesome Mondo...can't wait to hear all about it when you get back...see you in a little more than a week.