Saturday, August 05, 2006

Adventure Conclusion Numbers

Here goes:

15: hours I spent in transit to get back home to Monterey
17: days since I've shaved
9: more hours until I go see Talladega Nights
1.99: dollars I spent on toffee coated peanuts today
108: degrees outside when we played basketball on Wednesday. Bad idea
4: time I felt old these last two weeks
494: pictures I took in Honduras
2: more days before I get my car keys shipped from St. Louis, after leaving them there
91: degrees in St. Louis today
70: degrees in Monterey (suckas)
2: inches in height that my little brother has on me
21 - 8: score in our 1 one 1 basketball game Thursday
21: years old I am now
8: game losing streak for the Cardinals
13: days until I leave Monterey for good
180: pounds
100: cds that Calvary is giving me to sell
2: weeks to sell my car
2051: profile views, catchin up with Rika
2565.9: miles standing in between Augusta and Monterey
25: minutes before my battery runs out

And off I go to my people watching