Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tuesday Overdue

tonight my flag football team suffered our first loss to some army team. It was a heart breaker, and I take most of the responsibility. I've never been so relied upon than I am as the teams starting quarterback. I let my boys down tonight. Next game is Thursday, and I hope that we can continue in our winning ways. I'll be heading for home on Friday for a week of leave which I am excited about. I'll be spending a night or two in Lookout Mountain with my buddies in school there. It will be good to see them again. I need ideas for what to do when I'm home, so If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know. I've gone for two straight weeks to a guys bible study at the Church that I've been attending, I'm starting to feel pretty comfortable there. More on that later. Other than that, life is still life. But life is always better with a 24-inch iMac sitting on your desk. Trust me on that one.


Jenny said...

I'm jealous!

Romondo Davis said...

Proud that you are the QB. Sorry you got beat by Army. You'll bounce back, I'm sure of it.

It's also great to hear the other news. Keep expressing yourself. (It's funny how we learn things on the blog that you don't share on the phone.)