Monday, September 04, 2006

a weekend poorly documented

Friday afternoon, I began my first trip up to Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA to see my friends Mike, Dave, and Jon. Here's what went down:

I hit 2 hours of traffic on the way up. Don't drive through Atlanta during rush hour.

I got there and ate at a restaurant called "Lupi's." It was amazing.

The dorm where David and Michael live had a flag-football scrimmage to get ready for the upcoming intramural season. I got to play. Even though I felt kind of guilty for taking up someone else's playing time, it was a blast. We won.

I love Christians that embrace the freedom that they have in Christ.

The Covenant soccer team lost 4-2 to some overly international school from Virginia.

When Michael Shaw walks onto the field, the crowd starts the tomahawk chop. Freaking Hilarious.

For the first time in my life, I got to truly see how college guys live. Now, I have my hygienel issues, but after seeing the dorm rooms, I feel a whole lot better about them.

I bought gas for $2.33 / gal.

We went to a gospel church in Chattanooga. I left my Bible there, so I am currently bible-less.

Southern women, oh my. . .

Michael Shaw is in love with the movie "Mean Girls." I love that he is still just like I remember him.

J-Dubbs is a pimp.

Qdoba gives a fifty percent discount to the military, I was full for $2.39. Hallelujah

I met more people than I can remember

I was amazed by the situation that my old friends are in. Mike and Dave sleep in a room with four other guys, in a hall of 30 guys total. They live so close to each other, both physically and spiritually. Apparently, the whole hall holds a praise service every sunday with all of the guys in the hall. I got to go last night, and it was incredible. I had totally forgotten what it was like to be surrounded by a big group of like-minded guys, sharing and singing their hearts out for the Lord. That kind of tight-knit fellowship is something that I crave. They all know each other so much more intimately than I feel anybody knows me. There's so much love that comes from walking together in the same spirit. And it shows. These guys would sit down, and pray with each other. They would put real effort into finding out what each other was struggling with. I wish with all of my heart that I could be expirencing that kind of genuine fellowship. But I'm happy that my brothers have found that place, and I pray to God that they will take advantage of it. It was good to see that there still were Christian brothers that stand beside one another and celebrate Christ.

I think that I will be back


Romondo Davis said...

Way cool! Thanks for sharing your weeknd with the world.

Cary Murphy said...

First of all, I love Qdoba even more (if that's possible) after word of this military discount. Murph and I spend so much money there, it might be worth at least one of us enlisting. And, I've eaten at Lupi's...I concur.