Thursday, October 19, 2006

From My Free Time on a Train Across the great state of Illinois

she's dark
not as night
as sand on a beach
as ink composing verses
she has a certain elegance
like Grace Kelley
and she's passionate when she's passionate
she knows what she believes
and does not fear rejection
she speaks with a child's voice
so soft
yet not without purpose
her mind is open, but her heart is set
on everything she believes
on all she knows is true
and she smiles
Oh, Lord how she smiles
the kind that is contagious
the kind that shines
shines through this frown that employes me
she loves the silence of the country
but only its silence
for she has a flair for the city
where she is comfortable
comfortable like my love for her
And I,
I must fight for her father's approval
for he is defined by his love for her
and I must be worthy
to be defined by that same love
she is small
but only her petite frame
she is submissive
but only in humility
and she loves to hear the words i write for her
about her
once i was a vagabond
until she came and softened me
till she tied me down
i will, i will be tied down to her
and light
is but another thing that
is attracted to her
like I am so attracted
her eyes are fierce
penetrating as a sword
or a bullet through glass
her presence is evident
like a train conductor that makes himself known
by shouting his cliches
and her joy is like a child's
aroused at the slightest things
and all can see it come
for her eyes light up
and her smile explodes and consumes her face
as a mine waiting to be triggered
i imagine her now
where she is
how she thinks of me
how I will find her
She will come
without warning
as a thief in the night
in a manner unique
yet she will arrive
predecessed by trumpets
in a manner fit for royalty
for her
And I shall know when she has come
as a man stumbling in his drunkenness
as a child looking for their mother
and at that point, my life shall end
with me content
to assume the rest of it
forever being fulfiled by my love for her
and she for me,
not as girlfriend
as wife
not as lover
as companion
not as fix
as fulfillment