Saturday, December 09, 2006

Why I hate Christmas Time

Saturday, December 9th, 2006:

Panera bread has become my Bay Books

There's a guy in a 50's Greaser leather jacket getting soda from the soda fountain. Looks like Chachi.

Traffic outside is horrible on account of the millions of people spending money in this poorly laid out shopping center.

Wow, she is Beautiful.

I passed my US History II clep test on Thursday, earning myself credit for a class I didn't take. Legally.

With a Smile Like That: due out in stores sometime in the future.

My stomach is full.

It's going to take $400 for a new instrument panel for my Jetta. I don't have a speedometer.

Home is just over a week away.

This woman sitting with her husband and child keeps looking at me.

I think I'm picking up the southern accent.

I need a place to stay in between GA and St. Louis.

The Cardinals didn't get Jason Schmidt.

I'm constantly amazed at how segregated this place is.

Lesbians stand out.

I am out of thoughts.

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