Monday, February 12, 2007

A day that sees me sleeping

And this numbers' list, which is the first of the new year, is brought to you by a bitter-sweet albeit productive Sunday.

21.37 - Dollars that I spent on four movies at Blockbuster. All of them masterpieces
6 - bowls of instant oatmeal I have eaten in the last 36 hours
19 - of February, when my room mate Chris and I are moving into my first apartment
0 - pieces of furniture I currently own in Augusta
1 - week that I have to stay off of my ankle after hurting it (again) last week
540 - miles I'll probably be driving to Chattanooga next week to see the boys
203 - lbs
237 - e-mails from grandma since she started
35 - hours of school this week
2 - days until the 20th Valentines day that I have had no reason to celebrate
.49 - dollars per pound the bananas are at Bi-Lo
1213 - days until I get to do something else

All in all, you're just another brick in the wall


Romondo Davis said...

Hey, I'm down to 196.

jsmanseau said...

Ok first love the quote at the bottom of this.
Second, awesome you and Chris are moving in together!
Third the 14th of Feb is completely overrated and just a halmark can celebrate any other day of the year!
Forth...1213 days isn't too bad, at least you have something to look forward to.
Fifth, you crack me up
Sixth, miss you tons.
Seventh, hopefully will see you in a few months.
Eighth, almost have my "real" website up and running!
Nineth, really promise to call you soon...when is a good time to actually call?
Tenth...I have run out of stuff to say, sorry!

Romondo Davis said...

Here's my reaction on that short-timers attitude.

Embrace those 1213 with:

- Glorifying God on every one of those new days - Lamentations 3:22

- Looking forward to the awesome adventures and learning that your employer will provide

- Being proud to keeping me safe

- Being a shining light to everyone you come in contact with - Luke 8:16