Friday, June 15, 2007

Top 100 Movies (I've seen in the last two years) #100-91

100. End of the Spear - I liked this movie because of the subject matter more than anything else. The photography in it was pretty good, the acting was on par, but the screenplay hit some snags. My main problem with it was that any movie about Jim Eliot should definately contain at least some of the gospel message in it.

99. Ong Bak: Thai Warrior - Thai cinema has a ways to go, but Tony Jaa and the amount of ass he kicks in this one made it well worth the flaws it had.

98. The Muppets Take Manhattan - A lingering remnant of my happy childhood.

97. The Rage in Placid Lake - Akward dialouge, unbelievable story line. Two words to explain the reason I enjoyed this strange Australian film: Rose Byrne

96. Troy - Stimulating eye candy. Hollywood strikes again!

95. Luther - Great story to be told, but this one fell into the trap of true-stories-turned-movies: anticlimax.

94. The Squid and the Whale - Although, i am pretty fed up with 'feel sorry for me because I'm old and depressed' protagonists.

93. Anchorman - Will Ferrel is funny, indeed.

92. Resevoir Dogs - Maybe I don't get Tarantino's apparent genius, but this one didn't set my heart on fire.

91. The Weather Man - Great cinematography if not far too much of a downer.

I may or may not keep this list up with diligence. Movies are my medium for the way the world thinks and operates, and I find myself growing farther and farther away from the desire to pursue that medium. Hopefully this will help. God is Love, Rev Run.

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