Monday, June 18, 2007

Top 100 Movies (I've seen in the last twoish years) #90-81

90. Sideways - the lingering struggle for Paul Giamati's character hints at the battle that we all must eventually fight. This one is a milestone in origonality.

89. The Boys of Bakara - Flawed thinking makes this documentary wreak with unjustified optimism.

88. Ocean's 11-13 - The prior's genuis is tainted by the latter's bland profit-drivenness. Downhill the whole way.

87. Jesus Camp - An honest documentary on the most extreme of eerie Christianity.

86. The Nativity Story - had potential, but felt thrown together in order to dive into the Christian market as soon as was possible.

85. The Notebook - pleasantly romantic, though the awkward elderly make-out session toward the end hurt. It hurt bad. I'm still trying to recover.

84. For Your Consideration - the aging hopelessness that the characters portray in this one is a reflection of the hopelessness of this veteran writing team. Not a great way to end such a wonderful franchise.

83. Walk the Line - I remember a time when a man had to be dead for a decade at least before the industry threw together a last minute mediocre movie about him. No longer, apparently.

82. The New World - I had some hope in this one after seeing "The Thin Red Line" from the same director. But Mallick goes too far into his own ego, and the plot suffered tremendously.

81. Fun with Dick and Jane - "Fun" is a good way to describe this one. And a believeable Jim Carey is always a good thing.

80. 40 Year Old Virgin - hilarious through its crudeness. Leave the kids at home.

Next week: the top 80. Prepare yourselve(s).

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