Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Top 100 Movies (I've seen in the last twoish years) #79-70

79. Ray - see description on #83

78. Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby - I love ferrell's ideas for parody. And NASCAR is begging to be parodized(?).

77. The Chumscrubber - the obscurity of this one makes one wonder how they got such a great cast.

76. Kingdom of Heaven - Epic movies are somewhat played out, and this one was fishing to be epic.

75. Lords of Dogtown - another one that falls into the anti-climatic trap. Except for Heath Ledger, the cast was in over their heads.

74. The Ringer - I was skeptical going into this comedy, but the reverence with which it addressed the movie's subject made it possible to enjoy it.

73. The Wedding Crashers - America may be getting tired of this comedy team, but this one was a nice farewell.

72. The Edukators - German flick that attacked social issues with a level of idealism that made it hard to pay attention. Cast was fantastic, though.

71. Evan Almighty - Carrell sticks close to his "awkward-but-easy-to-empathize-with" character and comes out with an entertaining one.

70. United 93 - I really wish Hollywood would stop trying to turn profit off of real-life, close to heart tradegies. I don't care how genuine and reverent they try to make it seem. Its disgusting.

So the list continues. I need to watch more movies, I think. We'll see. Salaamtik

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