Tuesday, July 10, 2007

#s 69-60

69. Beyond the Gates of Splendor - pretty good documnetary on Jim Eliot and his crew. Again, I felt like the gospel was taken out of that was completely central to the overall story. It suffered.

68. Dave Chappelle's Block Party - Good rap, desperate comedian. New York seems like a weird place.

67. Fast Food Nation - intriguing if not too political

66. Art School Confidential - had its funny moments, but the script was somewhat disengaging. Characters were hard to relate to.

65. Thumbsucker - or, as I like to call it, "Lost in Translation for Teens"

64. Accepted - Justin Long is going to have a long, funny career

63. Benchwarmers - Funny, just funny. Goofy plot, awkward characters. But funny.

62. Redeye - Good suspenseful thriller. Rachel McAdams has my vote any day.

61. Mrs. Henderson Presents - I suppose this one wasn't higher because of the content. It was a good movie, overall.

60. Jarhead - Seemed like an accurate account of the lives of Marines in combat.

until next time, keep watching

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Romondo Davis said...

You know what's missing from your great rundown of movies? ...links to sites containing background info on the movies. (How do you to punctuate a question and answer in the same sentence? I bet Grammar Girl would know.