Friday, July 06, 2007

From the Front Porch

This one goes out to John Barrett, Truth Sayer.

The sun is out. Its twenty after ten on a friday morning. I woke up at 6 last evening after twelve hours of sleep, and haven't been to sleep since. I think I'm going to learn all about my physical limits today, as I'm on my way to play frisbee with some high energy high school kids in an hour. It should be interesting to see how the heat, the lack of sleep, and the physical demands of high school frisbee all stack up against me. Hopefully I won't die. I went to the grocery store at 6 in the morning because I couldn't think of anything else to do. Plus, I was craving eggs. After almost 22 years of life, I still can't crack an egg open without breaking the yoke inside. I almost got it today, but mine ended like it always does: scrambled.
It seems that I've been living life in that exact way. Scrambled. Between my work schedule, sleep schedule and social life, I'd believe it if a doctor told me that I was going insane. But I was told this week that the mark of a successful, happy person is that he sees the positive in every situation. So, the positive. . .

Sweet tea only truly exists in the south. I exist in the south. Sweet tea and I are one.

My car is still new.

Lee's going to Honduras this month, which means I get to live out my own joy of being there vicariously through him.

Young Life is looking appealing again. And not just because of a certain girl that's training with me.

This place is one ocean away from being a happening vacation spot. Its def. hot enough.

I love softball, and I never truly realized that until I started coaching The Session this year.

I might be moving into an awesome housing arrangement once our lease is up in August.

Chris is Engaged.

I am not.

I got to watch two , count 'em, two new episodes of Rob & Big on mtv last night. I've come to the realization that that show, the Office, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and Deadliest Catch are the sole reasons that television was invented. I was skeptical about reality tv, but I've been won over.

I got a new phone book, but I'm not in it.

My bedroom floor is covered in clean clothes that are waiting to be folded. Hey- at least they aren't dirty.

I still love sweet tea.

I haven't gotten an iPhone yet, but if I make one illogical, impractical purchase this year; it will be an iPhone.

I need to end this.

and on that note, I'm off to my fighting, which should be read as "I'm off to die in a frisbee game." Split all of my stuff equally.

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becca said...

I want your car! oh wait I already have one. never mind.