Sunday, July 15, 2007

#'s 59-50

59. Elizabethtown - If I am allowed one chick-flick on this list, this would be it.

58. Borat - Vulgar beyond belief at times, but Cohen's genius lands this one a spot.

57. Stranger than fiction - Will Ferrel nails it in a more serious role.

56. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Pure eye candy.

55. Mean Girls - Mike Shaw's favorite movie is actually a decent one.

54. One Night with the King - One of those "exploit the Christian market" films, the Lord spoke through the exploitation.

53. Glory Road - Nothing like a rags-to-riches sports movie that's well done and engaging (Lord knows there's plenty of them).

52. Batman Begins - I was pleasantly suprised with the way this one turned out.

51. 21 Grams - the Director stayed true to form and delivered. I wasn't a fan of the style in which it was presented, but I can appreciate the artistic value in it.

50. Traffic - a Slew of great performances, although I have a weak stomach for movies about drug addiction.

Until next time, lime to the lemon, and lemon to the lime.

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