Monday, October 15, 2007

My First NASCAR Race (and hopefully my last)

This past weekend, I went on a road trip with a group of Young Life leaders to Charlotte, NC to watch the Nextel Cup (something or other) NASCAR race. I was told that attending one of these races was something I HAD to do at least once, so I figured I'd give it a fair shot. Overall, I'm glad that I went. I had a blast hanging out with the guys, and I learned something new about myself: I am not a NASCAR fan. Plain and simple, its just not for me. But, as always, perspectives:

NASCAR is the only 'sport' in which the fans' cheering has no effect on the outcome of the competition. There's no way the driver can hear them cheering or booing over the roar of the engines. The fans can hardly hear themselves over the roar of the engines.

I encountered a low quality of human being. There are few stereotypes that are unfair to the people they stereotype. The stereotypical NASCAR fan deserves every bit of his.

Drunk people seem to have their own music soundtrack playing in the back of their minds that no one else can hear. They're always dancing. Or leaning.

You have to be drunk to enjoy NASCAR.

332 repetitions of anything is too much.

Urinating is a trough is possibly the most demeaning expirence one can have.

NASCAR announcers sit and talk constantly for 3+ hours, about almost nothing.

The most useless pieces of equipment on one of these cars are the headlights.

There were a suprisingly high number of very good looking women that the race, for some reason.

People in Charlotte hate Jeff Gordon.

The smell of burnt rubber reminds me of Honduras.

I have never in my life been so confronted by my own insignifigance in the overall picture as I was on Saturday night, amidst more than 150,000 other people. This is an enourmous world. And to be sitting in one place with that many other people, it hit me that I really don't matter nearly as much as I believe I do. With such an over crowded world, its hard to believe that God cares enough to single out each and every one and love them individually. He is far greater than I am.

and that's about it. I would say give NASCAR one shot, and only one, if you ever get the chance. Its quite an expirence.

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Romondo Davis said...

Thanks for being my eyes and ears in regards to attending such an event. I no longer feel I'm missing something by not having attended one.