Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Carlos Mencia

I used to be a Carlos Mencia hater. Honestly, I still kind of am a Carlos Mencia hater. But, his special was on Comedy Central tonight, and this made me laugh:

"You know what they said in California? 'Um, I propose that we kick all of the illegal aliens out of this country. Then we build a superfence, so they can't get back in.' And I went, 'Um. . . Who's gonna build it? ... if the wetbacks are gone, there goes the work force.' Maybe what we should do is make 'em build the fence first, then kick them out. They're already near the border, when thet're finished, just go, 'man this side looks perfect, how does the other side look?' 'I don't know, let me go check.' And when they cross, poof, close the doors. 'Oh man they treek us. But hay it looks good on this side, too.'"

sorry if that's racist.


Anonymous said...

Racist is about all that assclown is! What a tool!

Wildfire X said...

Mencia's not racist; he just makes fun of everybody. And yes, yes his "superfence" joke is a good joke.