Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Growing Pains

I've been trying to get away from my thesis-paper blog entries. But my heart is burning:

Last night, I spent the better part of two hours watching Kirk Cameron get his ass handed to him on Nightline. It was an old-fashioned debate between him, his colleague Ray Comfort, and some disgruntled atheists. They were discussing the existence of God, and whether or not there is any scientific evidence of Him. I then got on Youtube and searched for video responses to what both sides had said. It was all pretty shocking, but only strengthened my resolve and my awe of this God that the world seems so turned off to.

The good:
Everything that the atheists said was predictable. They bypassed real science, sighting only unproven theories; man's science justifying itself. And it was obvious to me that their inability to disprove God's existence means that their beliefs are only as valid, and not possibly more valid, as Mr. Cameron and my beliefs. And, honestly, how can anyone disagree with Mike Seaver?

The Bad:
Mr. Cameron and his pastor friend were way out of their league. It seems that they were trying to get by on star power alone. They rased some decent points, but the truth is that God just can't be proven by worldy rationale. God and eternity contain science and the natural world. That is, they exist outside of rationale. So, the God Squad didn't stand a chance, arguing in man's terms about concepts that man cannot fully comprhend. They looked foolish, truthfully.

My conclusion:
The church has really done a hell of a lot of damage. Literally. Peoples' aversion to a loving and sovereign God can only come from a gross misrepresentation of Him by his so-called people. The antagoinists in this debate were angry, bitter, and spiteful of the very idea of God and of religion. I've begun to recognize how the transgressions of organized religion in the name of God have damaged the hurting souls that surround me. My prayer is that I can shower those around me with love, as a reflection of Christ's perfect love for me, apart from and in spite of religion. But is was a good Youtube date, and a good night at work overall.

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